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The Cornerstone Group is a group of Conservative British MPs who say they stand for:

the Monarchy; traditional marriage; family and community duties; proper pride in our nation’s distinctive qualities; quality of life over soulless utility; social responsibility over personal selfishness; social justice as civic duty, not state dependency; compassion for those in need; reducing government waste; lower taxation and deregulation; our ancient liberties against politically correct censorship and a commitment to our democratically elected parliament.[1]

The group have been critical of the Tory modernisers associated with David Cameron and his aides. During the 2005 leadership race The Times wrote that the newly formed group had made 'a ferocious counterblast against the party’s modernising wing today, arguing that “faith, the flag and family” must be central to Tory thinking if the party is to win again.' [2]

Members (as at 12 April 2010)

Edward Leigh | John Hayes | Brian Binley | Nadine Dorries | Charles Walker | David Davies | David Burrowes | Julian Brazier | Greg Hands | Owen Paterson | David Jones | David Amess | Liddell Grainger | William Cash | Gerald Howarth | John Redwood | Laurence Robertson | John Whittingdale | Philip Davies | Philip Hollobone | Christopher Fraser | Christopher Chope | Peter Bone | Lee Scott | Andrew Turner | Douglas Carswell | Robert Goodwill | Adam Holloway | Daniel Kawczynski | Greg Knight | Andrew Rosindell [3]

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