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UK movement

Israel government entities

Zionist movement entities

Membership of the Zionist Federation

Academic Friends of Israel | AJEX | Alyth | BBYO UK | Bromley Reform Synagogue | Christian Friends of Israel | Cockfosters and N Southgate Synagogue | Edgeware and District Reform Synagogue | European Friends of Israel | Emunah | Federation of Zionist Youth | Habonim Dror UK | Mosaic | Jewish Labour Movement | JLGB | Kenton Jewish Community | Kinloss | Likud-Herut UK | LJY Netzer | Manchester ZCC | Masorti Judaism | Mercaz | Meretz UK | Merseyside Jewish Representative Council | Mosaic Reform Synagogue | Reform Judaism | Noam Masorti Youth | North West Surrey Synagogue | Nottingham Liberal Synagogue | Progressive Religious Zionists | British Friends of Rambam Medical Center | The Zionist Youth Movement for Reform Judaism/RSY-Netzer | Share Tsedek | Share Zedek | South Hampstead Synagogue | WIZO UK | Woodside Park Synagogue[1]

Companies related to the Zionist Federation

Companies and groups that are linked to JNF UK

  • Jewish National Fund Ltd 05480314 - Incorporated on 14 June 2005 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • Jewish National Fund For Israel Ltd 05480334 - Incorporated on 14 June 2005 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • JNF Limited 05478230 - Incorporated on 10 June 2005 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • JNF Executor & Trustee Company Limited 03743903 - Incorporated on 30 March 1999 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • JNF UK Limioted 05562921 - Incorporated on 13 September 2005 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • J.N.F. Charitable Trust 00355248 - Incorporated on 21 July 1939 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • KKL Limited 05478228 - Incorporated on 10 June 2005 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • KKL Charity Accounts Matching previous names: KKL Accounts 05118360 - Incorporated on 4 May 2004 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • K.K.L. Executor and Trustee Company Limited 00453042 - Incorporated on 23 April 1948 - Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London, England, NW4 2BF
  • JNF/KKL Limited 05478239 - Dissolved on 29 March 2011 - JNF House, Spring Villa Park, Spring Villa Road, Edgware, Middx, HA8 7ED
  • The KKL(Scotland) Charitable Trust SC316740 - Incorporated on 16 February 2007 - 222 Fenwick Road, Giffnock, Glasgow, G46 6UE
  • Keren Kayemeth Leisrael Limited 00092825 - Incorporated on 8 April 1907 - CH. HAUSMANN & CO., 5 De Walden Court, 85 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6XD
  • The KKL Charitable Trust 03726261 - Incorporated on 1 March 1999 - CH. HAUSMANN & CO., 5 De Walden Court, 85 New Cavendish Street, London, England, W1W 6XD

Companies related to the UJIA


Other formal members of affiliates of the WZO

Youth movements

The World Zionist Organization lists 15 Youth movements, many of which are world organisations.[2] There are UK branches of around half of these:

Young Adults movements

The WZO lists the following young adults movements. They are listed below with a note of whether they have a UK branch.[5]

Affiliated Zionist Organisations

Union of Jewish Students/B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation | Hadassah UK | B'nai B'rith UK | British Emunah Fund | Masorti Judaism | (Members of the World Union for Progressive Judaism: Reform Judaism UK | Liberal Judaism) | WIZO UK

UK affiliates of World Unions

Mercaz UK | Arzenu UK | Herut UK - affiliated with World Herut | Meretz UK | | Mizrachi UK | Hanoar Hatzioni UK | Over the Rainbow UK

The UK representation at the World Zionist Congress, which decides policy for the World Zionist Organisation, is via 'an allocation of only 19 seats out of 525.' [9]

Plans to hold an online public election to choose the UK representation this year had to be abandoned because of the pandemic. Instead, the Zionist groups agreed to allocate seats among themselves, based on assessments of their support within the community. The controversy began when Likud-Herut UK – now calling itself Likud UK – which had not been involved in the previous Congress, wanted to run this time. To complicate matters, there is an alternative group called Herut UK. As a new slate, Likud UK had to muster 500 signatures from the community to indicate it had sufficient support. But although the chairman of the UK’s area election committee Rabbi Lea Muhlstein initially accepted the Likud list, others committee members challenged its validity. The dispute then went to a tribunal set up by the Zionist Federation adjudicated by Jonathan Goldberg QC and barrister Gary Grant. In June, they ruled in favour of Likud UK’s eligibility. In their decision, they stated, "At an earlier stage it appeared to us that allegations of bad faith were possibly being bandied about somewhat carelessly on both sides. "Happily on closer examination we ourselves detected no such element in the case whatever. We emphasise that we have seen no evidence whatever that either side, or the personalities involved, behaved with anything other than complete propriety and good faith in endeavouring to do their best in difficult conditions, not least brought about by the current pandemic." Rabbi Muhlstein had conducted herself in “exemplary fashion”, they said.
According to the minutes of an area election committee in March, Likud UK had been willing to accept one of the 19 seats. But it subsequently increased its demand at one point to three seats. Rabbi Muhlstein resigned as chair of the committee, saying she no longer had time given her responsibilities as a congregational rabbi and as chairman of Arzenu, the international Progressive Zionist movement.
Finally, last month the Zionist parties reached a deal that gave Likud UK two seats. Zalmi Unsdorfer, Likud UK chairman, said, “The one seat proposal was mooted by World Likud's chairman at an earlier stage but without our prior knowledge or agreement here in the UK. “They later suggested two seats which, at the eleventh hour, we accepted to break the deadlock which would have rendered the whole ZFUK slate out of time.” He said the group would revert to the Likud Herut UK brand “immediately after the congress. It has been, and always will be ours.” [9]

The final division of the 19 seats was agreed as follows: 'Mizrachi and Pro-Zion will each have four seats: Mercaz UK, Likud UK, FZY (representing the Confederation of Zionists) two each: and the Jewish Labour Movement, Herut UK, Over the Rainbow, Meretz and Hanoar Hatzioni one apiece.'[9]

The main factions of UK Zionism have various connections to both global umbrella bodies and in some cases to othe groupings within the formal; Zionist movement as follows:

Self described Zionist groups that are not formally part of the Zionist Movement

Pro-Israel groups which are not formal members of the Zionist Movement


All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group | Belmont and Kenton for Israel | Board of Deputies of British Jews | BICOM | Bournemouth Action for Israel | Britain Israel Trade Union Dialogue | Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland | Conservative Friends of Israel | Christian Friends of Israel |


Essex Friends of Israel


Israel Advocacy Movement | Israel Britain Alliance | Israel Coalition |


Jewish Leadership Council | Labour Friends of Israel | Leeds Lobby Network | Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel


Northern Ireland Friends of Israel | North East Friends of Israel | North London Friends of Israel | North West Friends of Israel | North West London Friends of Israel


Pro Israel Pro Palestine, Pro Peace |


Scottish Israel Forum | StandWithUs UK | Sussex Friends of Israel | Trade Union Friends of Israel


UK Lawyers for Israel | We Believe In Israel | West Midlands Friends of Israel | Yorkshire Friends of Israel


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