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Colel Chabad (UK) is a UK registered charity (no. 327485). It appears also to use the name Eshel UK or Eshel UK Friends of Colel Chabad.[1][2]

According to the UK Charity Commission, the charity's primary purpose is to provide funds for Colel Chabad, an Israel-based charity that provides food distribution for poor Israelis.[3] As well as its charitable works within Israel '48 borders, the organisation also runs two daycare centres in the illegal settlement of Beitar Illit in the occupied West Bank.[4] [5][6] [7] [5]


The organisation became a registered charity on the 30 June 1987.[6]

Finances and Funding


Between 2009 and 2013 the charity spent £1,407,610.[6]


Wolfson Family Charitable Trust | Loftus Charitable Trust


Received funding from The Steinberg Family Trust continued paying towards the new MS centre in Jerusalem amounting to £50,000 a year, the third of a four year pledge from Mark Adlestone and The Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust, the second donation of a three year pledge of $20,000 per year from Keith Black and the Benson Black Charitable Trust, as well as very generous support from Joey Esfandi and the Fruchter family and Eduard Azar.[8]


Board of Directors circa August 2015

Rabbi Menachem Salek | Rabbi Yitzchok Sufrin


Address circa July 2015:

Mr Stephen Chevern FCA
98 Mowbray Road
Phone: 020 8951 0333


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