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Christians for Zion is a pro-Israel Christian Zionist group based in the UK and founded in 2005.[1]


In February 2014 Christians for Zion hosted a conference at St. James Church, Piccadilly entitled 'The Truth About Israel'.[2] [3] Speakers at the event included Christians for Zion director Michael Fryer, Chris Proudlove, Eran Lerman, Phil Lewis, Steve Maltz, Simon Barrett, Ruth Kennedy and Nick Gray.[2]


Christians for Zion hold to an apocalyptic interpretation of the Israel-Palestine conflict:

Christians for Zion have a dedicated team of teachers and various materials to help us in our vision to teach Biblical Prophecy, both fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled, which tells of Gods heart to re-establish the Jewish people in the Land of Israel He promised to them for His name to be glorified. We are living in these very times when those promises are being fulfilled and want to help others see and experience this miraculous event. We use various teaching materials such as the Hidden Treasure course and various other teaching materials as aids to bring believers and non believers into an understanding of the clear purposes of God given to us from Genesis to Revelation. Never will God destroy the Jewish people and never will He break His promises to them and our materials and teaching teams emphasise that fact.[1]


Directors Circa June 2015

Pastor Michael Fryer (Director)

Staff Circa June 2015

Matt Clayton (online blogger) | Sue Haddon (online blogger)


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