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The Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum is an offshoot of the previously named The Westminster Diet and Health Forum, which has now become The Westminster Health Forum. [1]

According to its website:

it aims to provide the premier environment for policy makers in Parliament, Whitehall and government agencies to engage with key stakeholders. These include nutrition professionals, industry representatives and their advisors, interest groups, NHS bodies and private care providers, education professionals, local authorities, the voluntary sector and academia, along with members of the reporting press. [2]
In planning its programme of events the Forum consults parliamentarians, senior departmental officials, regulators, industry representatives and major interest groups. The WD&HF has no policy agenda of its own.
The Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum is completely impartial and has no policy agenda of its own. While we are grateful for the support and advice on themes that we receive from sponsors, all editorial decisions remain with the Forum in order to maintain impartiality.[3]

The Forum a project of Westminster Forum Projects, a UK Limited Company (Company number: 3856121).


In February 2009, the forum ran a seminar on "Childhood obesity and Responsibility: the next step for policy". The seminar discussed the "latest thinking on policy to address childhood obesity in the UK, the initial focus for the Government’s ambitious Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives strategy. Delegates will also discuss progress so far in the Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives initiative, and latest statistical indicators on the scale of the problem".[4] The seminar was held just after the main events of the Government's Change4Life initiative came on stream.[5]

Among the confirmed speakers at the seminar are Baroness Peta Buscombe who when chief executive of the Advertising Association was closely involved in the formation of Business4Life the business coalition partner to the Change4Life initiative. Sandra Gidley MP Liberal Democrat spokesperson on health and member of the Pharmacy All Party Parliamentary Groupand the Associate Parliamentary Health Group.



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The forum publishes the papers and reports discussed at its seminars. These publications use a similar style to that of official Westminster publications in the use of the portcullis symbol and plain buff/yellow covers. [6] [7]

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