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Business4Life is a company founded by the Advertising Association. The company was formed on the August 29 2008. According to its website it is 'a coalition of companies representing the food and drink, retail, media, advertising, fitness and health industries, which are partnering with Government to support its Change4Life movement.' [1]


Baroness Peta Buscombe is Chair of the steering group of companies.

Buscombe was previously chief executive of the Advertising Association but has recently left to become the chair of the Press Complaints Committee. [2]


Change4Life is a new health initiative which, according to the Department of Health website, aims to:

"improve children’s diets and levels of activity so reducing the threat to their future health and happiness. Our goal is to help every family in England eat well, move more and live longer."[3]

The Change4Life section of the Department of Health's website contains more details on the initiative however, the vast majority of this detail appears to involve the use of the Change4Life logo and marketing and branding issues. There does not appear to be any substance as to what the initiative actually is or how it differs from previous and current Department of Health anti-obesity measures. [4]

The bulk of the funding for the Change4Life initiative appears to be coming from a coalition of food retailers and manufacturers and media companies. A total of 33 companies, liaising with the Government through the Advertising Association's Business4Life coalition, have pledged to deliver a "media equivalent value" of £200 million of in-kind contribution.[5]

The Government has pledged £30 million towards the initiative although this is part of the £372 million pledged by the Department earlier this year to tackle obesity. [6]

Coalition Members

Contact Details


Unit 1, Milebush Rd
Company No. 06684234


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