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Anne McIntosh is the former Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) for the North Yorkshire seat of Thirsk and Malton.

She stood down in 2014 after being de-selected by the party, following a long-running dispute with local officials.

In June 2015 it was announced McIntosh would be taking up a role with lobbyists Hume Brophy as a senior consultant.[1]

Argued for transparency on fracking impact on rural communities

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McIntosh was against plans by fracking firm Third Energy to use the controversial method of hydraulic fracturing in her constituency at the Kirby Misperton site. [2]

In a confrontational exchange with prime minister David Cameron during a parliamentary liaison committee hearing, the Thirsk MP argued that the public must be allowed to know the full facts of the impact of fracking, particularly the heavily redacted contents of the controversial Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts report.

Cameron's strong support for fracking had little impact upon his constituents who were unlikely to be affected she pointed out,

Ms McIntosh told the PM: “You are asking the public to take a lot on trust, so why is the shale gas economic impact report so heavily redacted? Will you ensure an unredacted copy, particular on social impact, housing impact and safety in relation in flares is published unredacted?”
The PM said he would look into the report, telling MPs it was important to change perceptions of new techniques.
“I want to end myths that fracking would be a disaster for the environment or that GM leads to fish-flavoured tomatoes,” he said.
Mr Cameron added: “I think in the end this debate will only be won or lost when their are wells running and people can see the benefits “
Mr Cameron repeated his prediction that the UK’s first fracking wells could be developed by the end of 2015.[2]

In January 2015 McIntosh who had previously indicated her support for a temporary ban on fracking in the UK, did not vote during the Third Reading debate of the Infrastructure Bill.



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