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Below is a list of individuals referred to as terrorism experts in major print media during 2007. The search term “Terrorism Expert” was used to search Major World Publications at Lexus Nexus[1]. Those individuals referred to as a “terrorism expert” were recorded. Those mentioned more than once are listed in the table below alphabetically according to surname.

This list is one of a number compiled including:

Elite Conference List

Name Number of mentions
Zachary Abuza5
Mike Ackerman3
Bob Ayers4
Daniel Benjamin2
Peter Bergen5
Mary Bossis4
Shane Brighton2
David Capitanchik14
Peter Clarke3
Richard Clarke6
Mohammed Darif2
Alexis Debat3
Neil Doyle2
Jonathan Evans8
Hans Joachim Giessmann2
Anthony Glees2
M. J. Gohel6
Sajjan Gohel2
Rohan Gunaratna26
Steve Hewitt2
Bruce Hoffman36
Brian Jenkins13
Seth Jones6
Sidney Jones8
Nick Kaldas3
George Kassimeris2
Rita Katz2
Mick Keelty3
David Kilcullen2
Evan Kohlmann11
Thomas Lund-Lack2
Simon Leila3
Neil Livingstone2
Andrew Lynch3
Laura Mansfield4
Michael McKinley4
Patrick Mercer3
Alexei Muraviev2
Peter R Neumann5
Fiamma Nirenstein2
Nicholas O'Brien4
Felix Patrikeeff3
Graham Pinos2
Thomas Quiggin3
Magnus Ranstorp8
Simon Reeve4
Fernando Reinares3
Bruce Riedel3
Marc Sageman 2
Michael Scheuer2
John Sifton2
Steve Simon2
Jessica Stern2
John Thompson2
Kevin Toolis3
Rolf Tophoven5
Lawrence Trainer3
Carl Ungerer2
Wesley Wark3
Paul Wilkinson18
Clive Williams20
David Wright-Neville7
Athol Yates2


  1. Details of the search are as follows: INSERT SEARCH CRITERIA HERE. Brice Steele, although he was referred to as an expert 15 times in the sample was excluded because all the articles were obituaries.