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== Elite Conference List==
== The Experts==
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Below is a list of individuals referred to as terrorism experts in major print media during 2007. The search term “Terrorism Expert” was used to search Major World Publications at LexisNexis[1]. Those individuals referred to as a “terrorism expert” were recorded. Those mentioned more than once are listed in the table below alphabetically according to surname.

This list is one of a number compiled including:

The Experts

Name Number of mentions
Zachary Abuza 5
Mike Ackerman 3
Bob Ayers 4
Daniel Benjamin 2
Peter Bergen 5
Mary Bossis 4
Shane Brighton 2
David Capitanchik 14
Peter Clarke 3
Richard Clarke 6
Mohammed Darif 2
Alexis Debat 3
Neil Doyle 2
Jonathan Evans 8
Hans Joachim Giessmann 2
Anthony Glees 2
M. J. Gohel 6
Sajjan Gohel 2
Rohan Gunaratna 26
Steve Hewitt 2
Bruce Hoffman 36
Brian Jenkins 13
Seth Jones 6
Sidney Jones 8
Nick Kaldas 3
George Kassimeris 2
Rita Katz 2
Mick Keelty 3
David Kilcullen 2
Evan Kohlmann 11
Thomas Lund-Lack 2
Simon Leila 3
Neil Livingstone 2
Andrew Lynch 3
Laura Mansfield 4
Michael McKinley 4
Patrick Mercer 3
Alexei Muraviev 2
Peter R Neumann 5
Fiamma Nirenstein 2
Nicholas O'Brien 4
Felix Patrikeeff 3
Graham Pinos 2
Thomas Quiggin 3
Magnus Ranstorp 8
Simon Reeve 4
Fernando Reinares 3
Bruce Riedel 3
Marc Sageman 2
Michael Scheuer 2
John Sifton 2
Steve Simon 2
Jessica Stern 2
John Thompson 2
Kevin Toolis 3
Rolf Tophoven 5
Lawrence Trainer 3
Carl Ungerer 2
Wesley Wark 3
Paul Wilkinson 18
Clive Williams 20
David Wright-Neville 7
Athol Yates 2


  1. Details of the search are as follows: INSERT SEARCH CRITERIA HERE. Brice Steele, although he was referred to as an expert 15 times in the sample was excluded because all the articles were obituaries.