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We Believe in Israel was a conference organised by BICOM held on May 15 2011 and described as "the largest conference in support of Israel ever to take place in Britain".

The conference "united behind Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and helped participants find their voices to engage with and support Israel in Britain" and attracted 1,500 participants.

Themes and sponsors

Session themes included "who the anti-Israel lobby is in Britain". Sponsors of the conference included the Jewish National Fund UK, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Zionist Federation and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.[1]

Eran Shayshon of the Reut Institute which identified the UK, especially London, as a major hub of activities that 'delegitimize' Israel[2], has suggested that this conference as well as the Big Tent for Israel event later in the year signalled "the emergence of the pro-Israel network".[3]

Next conference: 2013

Plans for a second conference on April 29 2012 were cancelled by organizers in February. The Jewish Chronicle reported that this was a "strategic decision" rather than due to lack of funds. The JC reports that a statement from organizers wanted Luke Akehurst, appointed director of We Believe in Israel in August 2011[4] to focus on "staging smaller events in regional communities" throughout the year.[5]

They expressed the belief that this would aid "the quiet organisational revolution that needs to take place to enable us to punch our weight in the debate about Israel in the UK."

Another conference will be held in 2013, according to the organisation's website.[6]


According to the conference website, speakers included:

Other attendees

2015 Conference

<youtube size="medium" align="right" caption="The Right Hon. Michael Gove MP's Speaks at the We Believe in Israel 2015 Conference">aH7w57cKpcs"</youtube>

On the 22nd of March another conference was held in London. According to the organisers some 1500 people were in attendance. Speakers at the event included Michael Dugher MP, Michael Gove MP, Gidon Sa'ar (former Israeli Minister of the Interior) and Daniel Taub - Israel's ambassador to the UK.[9]



Culture for Coexistence The URL for this was registered by Rachel Kaye of We Believe in Israel on 9 July 2015.[10]


Israel advocacy toolkit

We Believe In Israel produced a Toolkit for Israel advocacy, including sections on what it calls 'dining for Israel', lobbying MPs and local organising. (It was formerly hosted here: http://webelieve.hypedev1.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/42179-Toolkit-Final.pdf and the file is also available on the Spinwatch page on Scribd)


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