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Weizmann UK is the trading name of the Weizmann Institute Foundation (Charity number 232666; company number, 00483123, Incorporation Date: 08 Jun 1950) a UK charity that exists to raise funds for the Weizmann Institute of Science, a higher education institution in Israel. The John and Isabel Ritblat Education Trust became a linked charity with the Weizmann Institute Foundation on 20 December 2007.[1]

UCU boycott and defence of Israel

The advent of 'the threat of an academic boycott by the AUT' seems to have politicised Weizmann UK. In its 2007 annual report it noted that 'The Foundation's strategic goals have evolved' to include fostering 'closer collaboration' between UK scientists and the Weizmann Institute.[2]

TheFoundation is in the process of strengthening its relationship with Imperial College London, and Unlversity College London(UCL), as well as building on the ongoing relationships with Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester Universities. In March 2007, the new president of the Institute, Professor Daniel Zajfman, made a brief visit to London. This included a private dinner hosted by the Rector of Imperial College London and a private dinner for him to meet key UK donors and friends. The Foundation continued to see a steady stream of visits to the Institute,including a high profile visit from Professor Stephen Hawking in December 2006.[2]

In its 2008 Annual Report the Foundation noted:

Against the backdrop of the UCU boycott of Israeli academics, Weizmann UK took a bold and positive approach. We took a unanimous decision to focus our fundraising and public relations efforts to stimulate closer collaboration between UK scientists and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.[3]

This involved adding to the main fundraising effort of the Foundation by giving grants to foster connections between the Weizmann Institute and UK scientists. In its 2009 report the foundation added a passage to its mission:

Although our primary goal is to raise funds, Weizmann UK aims to communicate the Institute’s scientific discoveries and breakthroughs to its UK friends, supporters and the public. We also actively promote greater scientific collaboration between the Weizmann Institute and leading UK scientific institutions.[4]

It also reported the following activities

In association with the UK’s Zionist Federation and other UK Academic Friends of Israeli Universities, Weizmann UK participated in a day of Science event that took place in March. This two day event was held at the Museum of Science in Manchester and London’s Science Museum in Kensington.[5]

In 2010 for the first time in its regular 'comunication and PR' section the foundation mentioned targetting science journalists: 'to promote scientific achievements to the broadsheet science correspondents' and its plan to 'continue to develop our relationships with leading science journalists.'[6] This has remained part of the Weizmann strategy in the years since.


Life President

The Hon. Sir David Sieff[7]


Barry Townsley CBE [7]

Vice Presidents

The Lord Rothschild GBE | Lord Alliance CBE | Sir John Ritblat | Lord Mitchell[7]


Martin Paisner CBE[7]

Vice Chairman

Jonathan Kropman (Honorary Secretary) | Howard Stanton FCCA (Honorary Treasurer) | Jeremy Smouha[7]

Trustees 2016

The following Trustees are formally registered with the Charity Commission: Martin Paisner | Howard Stanton FCCA | Vivien Duffield | Jonathan Kropman | Daniel Shapiro | Lord Turnberg | Professor Benny Chain | Maxwell Nisner | Michael Sandler | Elissa Bayer | Barry Townsley CBE | Gregory Swimer | Denis Raeburn | Julian Dwek | Arabella Duffield | Hayley Sieff[8]

Former trustees: Myra Waiman


Ann Berger | Janet Bloch | The Hon. Deborah Wolfson Davis | Fiona Fattal | Ronnie Fattal | Daniel Gestetner | Amanda Gestetner | Jonathan Gestetner | David Grunberg | Louise Grunberg | Professor Herbert Huppert FRS | Joan Jacobs | Philip Joseph | Allyson Kaye | Peter Kleeman | Oliver Levy | Dr Hilda Lewis | Lady Lowy-Mitchell | Selina Marks | David Marks | Martin Mendoza | Jonathan Metliss | Lady Michels | Robert Ohrenstein | Paul Morris OBE | The Hon. Elizabeth Peltz | Robert Perlman | Arlene Seaton | Roger Seaton | Ellen Shapiro | Lady Sieff | The Hon. Amanda Sieff | The Hon. Daniela Sieff | Cathy Wills | The Hon. Laura Wolfson Townsley[7]

Former Ambassadors: Judith Dangoor | David Dangoor | The Hon. Janet de Botton


Ms Sheridan Gould (Executive Director) Nicole Barnett Events & Fundraising Manager | Natasha Stoller Events & Marketing Executive | Zila Golbert Executive Assistant | Ysabella Hawkings Scientific | Saul Konviser Communications Consultant[9]


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