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The Leader's Group is a donor club of the Conservative Party and is described as the 'premier supporter group'.[1] To become a member of the group an annual membership fee of £50,000 must be paid. As a member of The Leader's Group you can expect to 'join David Cameron and other senior figures from the Conservative Party at dinners, post-PMQ lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches'. [1]

Set up in 2003, David Cameron's Leader’s Group 'has grown to become a key part of Tory fundraising' according to the Daily Mail, which revealed in January 2014 that the elite dining group had donated more than £43.1 million to the party since 2001. Secrecy surrounding its events has raised suspicions; no list of members has ever been published nor details of the topics discussed ever revealed. The Conservatives continue to refuse to release public information about the group[2] beyond details of those who have attended the events every quarter since 2012.

The chairman of the Group is Howard Leigh.

Donors attending Leader's Group events

Guests include: Alexander Temerko | Andrew Brannon | Andrew Law | Michael Bradfield | Henry Davis | Countywide Developments Ltd (represented by Anthony Gallagher, Director) | Offshore Group Newcastle Ltd (represented by Alexander Temerko, Dennis Clark & David Edwards, Directors) | Edward Eisler | Michael Freeman | Mr Amjad Bseisu | Bradley Yam | Charles Wigoder | Philip Gibbs | DPK Contractors Limited (represented by Rishi Khosla, Director) | Mike Gooley | Arne Groes | Daniel Green | James Lupton | Dr James Hay | Shore Capital Ltd (represented by Howard Shore, Director) | Oluwole Kolade | Dr Mike Lynch | Lord Farmer | Ian Mukherjee | Rajeev Misra | Sir Henry Keswick | IPGL Limited (represented by Michael Spencer, Director) | Melanie Sherwood | Jitesh Gadhia | Ali Mosawi | Broadland Properties Ltd (represented by John Guthrie, Director) | Kenneth Costa | Chinook Urban Mining Ltd (represented by Ferras Zalt, Director) | The Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover | Babatunde Soyoye | David Roper | Roger Orf | Michael Tory | Edmund Truell | Georg von Opel | Roger Nagioff | Edward Wray | Chris Ingram | United & Cecil Club (represented by Christopher Fenwick, Deputy Chairman ) | Christopher Rokos | David Mayhew | David Ross | Gary Lydiate | Hugh Sloane | Ian Taylor | Jeremy Asher | John Frieda | IM Properties PLC & International Motors Ltd (represented by Lord Edmiston, Director ) | Lord Fink | Lord Harris of Peckham | Mark Samworth | Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd (represented by Michael Gutman, Director ) | Neil Ostrer | Paul Adrian Beecroft | J&H Sales (International) Ltd (represented by Ranjit Baxi, Director ) | Sir John Hall | Wates Group Services Ltd (represented by Timothy Wates, Director and James Wates director ) | Bestway Cash & Carry Ltd (represented by Zameer Choudrey, Director ) | Lady Xuelin Bates | Sir Martin Arbib DL | FIL Holdings (UK) Ltd (represented by Barry Bateman, Director ) | Flowidea Ltd (represented by Henry Angest, Director ) | William Cook Holdings Ltd (represented by Andrew Cook, Chairman ) | Michael Davis | Ravinder Gidar | Jeremy Isaacs | Kevin Lomax | CC Property Company Ltd (represented by Antoine Mattar, Director ) | Sun Mark Ltd (represented by Rami Ranger, Director ) | Sir Paul Ruddock | [Ann] Rosemary Said | James Stunt | Sir Michael Hintze | Sovereign Business Jets Ltd ( represented by Anastasia Sergeef & Serge Sergeef, directors ) | Abdul‐Majid Jafar | Ayman Asfari | David Ord Limited (represented by David C Ord, Director) | George E Robinson | Harilela Hotels (UK) Ltd (represented by Aron H Harilela, Director) | Malcolm J Scott | National Conservative Draws Society (represented by Philip Smith, Chairman) | Rainham Steel Company Limited (represented by William J Ives, Director) | Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd (represented by Lord Ballyedmond, Chairman ) | Roderick H Brooks | Hani Farsi | Lesley A Jackson | Michael Batt | Nisham S Sidhu‐Brar | Peter Harrison | B&S Properties Ltd (represented by Peter Virdee ) | Ramez Sousou | Xuelin Black | Alexander Andrew Fraser | RAB Capital Ltd (represented by William Philip Richards & Michael Alen‐Buckley, Directors) | Alan Lewis | Babyway International Ltd (represented by Graham Leslie, Director) | Headstock Distribution Ltd (represented by Keith Bradshaw, Director) | May Makhzoumi | JCB Research (represented by Sir Anthony Bamford, Director) | David Harding | David Lilley | Dinesh Dhamija | Sir Simon Robertson | Stephen Catlin | Yan Huo | Anne Street Partners Limited (represented by Lord Ashcroft) | Clerewell Ltd (represented by Sir Michael Heller, Director)[3]






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