Parliamentary Space Committee (An All-Party Parliamentary Group)

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The Parliamentary Space Committe (An All-Party Parliamentary Group was designed in order:

'To raise awareness in and around Parliament of the growing importance of space-based applications to the UK economy, to policy making, to society and to the science community; to highlight the benefits from the UK’s investment in space and its leading role within the global space economy; and to promote political debate and awareness of space-based opportunities and solutions for policy makers.'[1]

The group's secretariat, UK Space, describe the group on their website as follows:

'The Parliamentary Space Committee (PSC), being one of the oldest and most respected all-party groups, has consistently enjoyed the support of Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum and both Houses who have constituency interests or broader academic and industrial interests in the UK space sector.' [2]


Officers, September 2015-April 2016

Members, February 2016

Adam Afriyie | Dr James Davies | Byron Davies | Steve Double | Flick Drummond | Nigel Evans | Marcus Fysh | Mark Garnier | Cheryl Gillan | Patrick Grady | Carolyn Harris | Lord Simon Haskel | Gerald Howarth | Lord Julian Hunt of Chesterton | Daniel Kawczynski | Dr Phillip Lee | Charlotte Leslie | Angus MacNeil | Scott Mann | Kerry McCarthy | Stephen McPartland | Alan Meale | David Morris | Chi Onwaruh | Ian Paisley | Mark Pritchard | Liz Saville Roberts | Jeff Smith | John Spellar | Derek Thomas | Lord Alan West of Spithead | Alison Thewliss | Dr Philippa Whitford | Lord David Willetts | Craig Williams | William Wragg | Iain Wright

March 2015

Conservative Party - Adam Afriyie | Dr Dr Philip Lee | David Morris | Mark Garnier | Laura Sandys | Peter Luff | Cherly Gillan Liberal Democrats - Simon Wright | Dr Julian Huppert | Michael Thornton Labour - Alan Meale | Lord Julian Hunt of Chesterton | Kerry McCarthy | Chinyelu Onwurah | Ann McKechin | John Spellar | John Robertson | Pamela Nash | Lindsay Hoyle | Andrew Miller [1]


Sarah Chilman is financed by UK Space, a trade association, to act as secretary to the Parliamentary Space Committee.

Registered benefits

In February 2016, UK Space was registered as having paid (in bands of £1,500) £7,501-£9000 in benefits to Chilman for her secretarial role.[4]

It was also documented that UK Space had paid (in bands of £1,500) £4,501-£6,000 toward receptions for the group in July and December of 2015. [4]


Sarah Chilman, the group's secretary, is the Public Enquiry Point, and can be contacted on the email address:



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