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<youtube size="medium" align="right" caption="George Igler, founder of the UK-based anti-Islam organisation Discourse Institute, 4 March 2015">Kh-L_neCi3Q</youtube>

George Igler is a City-based political policy analyst and the founder director of the Discourse Institute, a non-profit described as 'studying conscience and risk', with a 'focus is on European free speech research and reform'.

Igler describes himself on Twitter as a 'one time Cambridge theology bod and City EU policy specialist. I now help prevent people from getting their heads chopped off'. [1]

Speaker at 2012 counterjihad conference in European Parliament

Igler was a speaker at the Brussels Counterjihad Conference 2012 held in the Altiero Spinelli building of the European Parliament in the summer,[2] and billed as an 'International conference for free speech & human rights' and sponsored by the International Civil Liberties Alliance.[3] According to the blogger Fjordman, representatives of 18 countries, the majority from Europe but also including the participation of Coptic Christians from Egypt, attended.[4] He also claimed that 'more people attended this meeting than any other since the previous Brussels meeting in 2007'. [5]

Other speakers included: Philip Claeys | Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff | Alain Wagner | Hans Jansen | Père Samuel | Alexandre de Valle | Sabatina James | Sam van Rooy | Pierre Cassen | Stephen Lennon | Mark Steyn | Lars Hedegaard | Ingrid Carlqvist | Ned May (aka 'Baron Bodissey') | Magdi Allam | Gavin ‘Lawman’ Boby | Conny Axel Meier | Christian Jung | George Igler | Felix Strüning (listed as 'Peter' Strüning, apparently erroneously)[3] | Jean Maher[6]


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Twitter: @georgeigler


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