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Peder Jensen

Peder Nøstvold Jensen (born 11 June 1975, Ålesund, Norway) is a blogger who became prominent in the counterjihad movement under the pseudonym "Fjordman" (he has also used the pseudonym "Norwegian kafir"). He announced in August 2011 he was abandoning the pseudonym, after his writings featured in the manifesto of the Utoya killer Anders Breivik.[1] He wrote 'The Fjordman Report' column for the far-right blog Gates of Vienna.


According to the Verdans Gang:

Jensen has a masters degree in culture and technology from the University of Oslo, and has studied Arabic at the University of Bergen and the American University in Cairo. In his master's dissertation he wrote about censorship and blogging in Iran.[1]

He worked in the city of Hebron in the civilian observer mission, the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), from January 2002 until August 2003.

Fjordman the blogger

Jensen first started blogging as 'Fjordman' on his blog ( in February 2005 with a strong anti-Islam and pro-Israel orientation. Since then he has contributed to the following websites:

Supporters and admirers

  • Andrew Bostom has described Jensen as "my colleague, the perspicacious Norwegian essayist", and denounced the "hysterical, morally cretinous press and blogosphere" for compelling him to surrender his anonymity after the Oslo attacks.[2]
  • Anders Breivik referred to Jensen as his biggest inspiration, cited 40 of his articles 111 times in his extremist manifesto and exchanged many emails with him between 2009 and 2010.[1]


Oslo attacks and alleged contrition

Following the Oslo attacks when Jensen's identity was revealed he was quick to distance himself from Breivik and claim that he was 'horrified' by the attacks. But no such contrition is evident in the writings as he live blogged the event for the far-right Gates of Vienna website. Indeed, as the attacks began, Jensen was blaming the victims, describing the Workers' Youth League (AUF), many of whose members were killed by Anders Breivik, as 'an anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian crowd of young Socialists'.[3][4] He also used the occasion to denounce Norway's democratically elected government:

Please keep in mind that the left-wing government of Jens Stoltenberg that was just bombed is the most dhimmi appeasing of all Western governments, to the extent that this is humanly possible...The most suicidal and cowardly government in a country with no colonial history was just attacked. How do you explain that as a response to Western ‘aggression’?[3]

Jensen, like many Western pundits, had assumed without proof the attacker was a Muslim. In response to a commenter who found it curious that people on television who "looked like Arabs" should be called "Norwegian". Jensen responded:

In Oslo they do. Arabs, Kurds, Pakistanis, Somalis, you name it. Anything and everything is fine as long as they rape the natives and destroy the country, which they do.[3]

Funded by Middle East Forum

In early 2013 Jensen received a grant from Daniel Pipes' anti-Muslim think tank Middle East Forum (MEF). He used it in part to visit Israel, via Greece. [5]

Jensen had previously received financial support from MEF's Legal Project fund to assist with the Breivik court case.

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