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CentreForum describes itself as an independent, liberal think-tank.

CentreForum, 27 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1H

Its main focus is on education policy reform.

Lobbying for education reform

CentreForum has published a series of reports and run events around the topic of education reform in the UK. Events include, for example:

CentreForum also provides a platform for companies in the education industry. For example:

  • In June 2008, Microsoft sponsored an event, called 'Personalisation and the Reform Agenda for Education', at which Nick Clegg outlined a Liberal Democrat agenda for education reform.[1]
  • Pearson sponsored a report in Jan 2015 by CentreForum on testing and tracking in primary schools called 'Progress matters in Primary too: Holding schools to account consistently', by Chris Thoung, James Kempton and Harriet Davison. In the acknowledgments, CentreForum thanked Pearson for its support and particularly to Bob Osborne, its former Strategic Development Director and Julie McCulloch, Director of UK Policy & Thought Leadership at Pearson.[2]


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