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Since devolution, corporations and business groups have been very active in Scottish politics. This helps explain the emergence of numerous pro-corporate think tanks, lobbyists and corporate/state partnerships across Scottish public life. The problem with a small country such as Scotland is that big companies can exert a disproportionate influence on the political system. They have colossal lobbying influence and produce information and advice that is used by the administration to frame and formulate its policies. However this is not impartial advice from disinterested observers of the political - economic scene. This is special pleading from very interested participants who have much to gain.

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Scotland’s top 20 Super-rich, 2006

  1. Sir Tom Hunter Property and sports goods
  2. Lord Laidlaw Conferences and media
  3. The Grant and Gordon family Whisky
  4. Keith Miller Construction
  5. David Murray Property and football
  6. Sir Ian Wood Oil services and fishing
  7. Harry Dobson Mining and football
  8. Joanne Rowling Novels and films
  9. Brian Souter and Ann Gloag Transport
  10. Sir Arnold Clark Car sales
  11. Jim McColl Engineering
  12. The Thomson family Media
  13. Jim Morrison Mobile phones
  14. Freddie Johnston Newspapers
  15. Brian Kennedy Double glazing and property
  16. Stewart Milne Construction
  17. Robert Adair Property and oil
  18. The Duke of Sutherland Land and art
  19. Richard Emanuel Mobile phones and property
  20. Graham Wylie Software and racehorses [1]

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Network diagram from The Real rulers of Scotland by Thomas Burns, published in Glasgow by the London Scots Self Government Committee, 1940

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  1. Source: Sunday Times Rich List, 2006, ‘Scotland’s Richest’