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According to its own website:

Scottish Development International (SDI) was formed in 2001 to attract direct foreign investment to Scotland as part of the Scottish Executive’s new "Smart Successful Scotland" strategy for Scotland’s international economic development. Scottish development International replaced the former inward investment group Locate in Scotland and the former export promotion group, Scottish Trade International.
With its headquarters in Glasgow, SDI is funded entirely by the government, and is controlled by both the Scottish Executive and Scottish Enterprise. In order to best draw foreign investment to Scotland, SDI has offices throughout the UK, mainland Europe, North America and Asia.

International Advisory Board

According to SDI:

In August 2002 Scottish Enterprise established the International Advisory Board (IAB) which comprises senior business figures who are Scots or people with a strong affinity to Scotland. Members were invited to join in recognition of their experience, positions of international prominence and influence in their respective industries and their willingness to contribute to Scotland's wealth creation agenda.
Chaired by Sir John Ward, the International Advisory Board complements the role of the Scottish Enterprise Board by contributing international business advice and market development perspective to Scotland's economic development drive.
The track records and achievements of the members of the International Advisory Board offer a uniquely exciting opportunity to advance Scotland's economic development in a manner that is practical, innovative and inspiring.

The reader may or may not be inspired by the members of the board:

IAB Member Biographies

Lobbying firms

Former lobbying firms