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Mark Bamforth is Senior Vice President Corporate Operations, Genzyme Corporation. Mark leads Genzyme’s strategy on corporate supply chain and capacity infrastructure to support its multiple business units. The Massachusetts-based biotechnology corporation is currently investing $400m to develop internal capacity at manufacturing sites using several technologies.

He is directly responsible for Genzyme’s operations at Haverhill in the UK, Waterford in Ireland as well as the Framingham, USA and RenagelTM operations. Mark also drives core business support functions – quality, engineering, materials as well as health, safety and environmental management.

He previously ran Genzyme’s UK operations covering chemical synthesis, therapeutic testing and distribution plus bacterial fermentation and enzyme purification.

Before joining Genzyme in 1988, Mark worked in the offshore oil and whisky industries in Scotland. He has a BSc Honours in chemical engineering from Strathclyde University and an MBA from Henley Business School.