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Helen Sayles is Senior Vice President – HR & Administration. Liberty Mutual Group. Helen Sayles is Senior Vice President and Manager of Human Resources and Administration for Liberty Mutual Group. She began her career with Liberty Mutual in the information systems area and her career has encompassed a broad range of functions and responsibilities.

Helen is responsible for human resources policy development and implementation, including human resource development, compensation, benefits, employee relations, employment and health services. As a long-time advocate of performance measurement and rigorous, business-linked human resource processes, she has been responsible for implementing such initiatives as strategy-driven metrics and web-based human resource technology that supports employee and manager self-service.

Her responsibilities also include development and implementation of the company’s real estate and administrative services strategy. Recent initiatives include a comprehensive restructuring of the delivery of these services to the organization to ensure more direct management accountability, and the implementation of technology-based processes to ensure effective and competitive service.

Helen was born and brought up in Scotland and educated at Kilmarnock Academy, receiving her BA in Business from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.