Royal Society of Chemistry

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The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences.[1]


Council Members

Honorary Officers

Dr Simon Campbell CChem FRSC FRS President Professor Jim Feast CChem FRSC FRS President Elect Dr Elliot Geoffrey Finer CChem FRSC Honorary Treasurer

Ordinary Members

Professor Les Ebdon CChem FRSC Professor Dave Garner CChem FRSC FRS Professor Paul O'Brien CChem FRSC Dr Diana Simpson EurChem CChem FRSC Dr Lesley E Smart MRSC Professor Pierre Braunstein CChem FRSC Dr John N Macdonald MRSC Professor William Graham Richards CBE CChem FRSC Dr Peter Bernard Stockwell EurChem CChem FRSC

Appointed Members

Professor David Phillips OBE CChem FRSC Chair of Education and Qualifications Board Dr David Whan CChem FRSC Chair of Professional Affairs and Membership Board Professor Jim Miller CChem FRSC Chair of Publishing Board Professor Lesley Yellowlees MBE FRSC Chair of Science and Technology Board


  1. See the Royal Society Website