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The Board of the Futures Forum

The Futures Forum is a think tank set up by the Scottish Parliament. According to the Parliament:

'Scotland's Futures Forum, the Scottish Parliament's initiative to develop strategic thinking on the issues which will shape Scotland's future, moves forward today with the announcement of the eight individuals who will make up the Forum's board of directors. The Scottish Parliament Corporate Body (SPCB) has agreed to create a new company, with the SPCB as the sole member, which extends the Parliament's outreach and participation work to academia, the arts, blue chip companies, civic Scotland and entrepreneurs. Leading figures from the private and public sectors have volunteered their services on a two year initial basis.'[1]

The original webpage of the Futures forum on the Scottish Parliament Website 2005

When it was launched the Forum webpage on the Parliament website included links to two other corporate lobby groups, the International Futures Forum and the Global Business Network which had been influential in setting up the Forum.

Board of directors

Three directors appointed 2009



Alcohol badge.jpg This article is part of the Spinwatch public health oriented Alcohol Portal project.

Scotland’s Futures Forum Alcohol and Drugs Project aims to find answers to the question "How can Scotland reduce the damage to its population through alcohol and drugs by half by the year 2025?" [3]. They have published several papers on the subject and in February 2008 they hosted a conference which they called "To what extent can the alcohol industry reduce alcohol damage?" The conference speakers, and perhaps delegates too, were only from the alcohol industry with the exception of Jack Law from Alcohol Focus Scotland and Sunday Times columnist and feature writer Gillian Bowditch who both chaired sessions.[4]

Board Members of Futures Forum Alcohol and Drugs Project


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