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Helen Searls in 2010

Helen Searls is a US based news producer and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. She was a member of Coventry Workers Against Racism in 1981 and on the editorial board of Revolutionary Communist Papers in September 1981 (when she used the nom-de-guerre of Helen Simons),[1] the legal co-ordinator of Living Marxism, the managing editor of LM and has been employed by Channel Cyberia. She writes for Spiked[2], of which she is a shareholder [3] and has contributed to the Battle of Ideas.


  • Landa, Inez & Helen Simons. Ghost Town. Coventry Workers Against Racism. Revolutionary Communist Pamphlets, No.11. Junius Publications, London, 1981. Pamphlet. 13 pages, illustrated.



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