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Conservative Intelligence webpage header showing their claim not to be involved in lobbying.

Conservative Intelligence, formed in June 2009 is a private firm offering 'good quality information and intelligence on the Conservative Party'.[1] It is one of a number of private companies in the borderland between media, think tanks and lobbying associated with the Conservative movement. A comparable example is Paul Staines Message Space.

Not Access. Not Lobbying. Just Intelligence.

Utilising the slogan 'Not Access. Not Lobbying. Just Intelligence.', Conservative Intelligence claim that 'in June 2009, 'with an election looming there was high demand for good quality information and intelligence on the Conservative Party.' The Conservative Intelligence team 'felt they were in a position to provide the best possible profiles, insights and policy analysis on the Conservative Party, it grew from there.'[1] The claim is that this is not access or lobbying, yet intelligence on government is a fundamental element of lobbying. Thus one of the biggest lobbying companies in the UK Bell Pottinger Public Affairs says it 'provides high-quality political intelligence and an informed understanding of policy and processes'.[2]



ConservativeIntelligence says it 'hosts high profile events on a regular basis'.[3] These include:

  • Occasional briefings and receptions. Before major election campaigns, alongside key announcements, and at party gatherings such as the Annual Conference, ConservativeIntelligence holds briefings delivered by ‘The Team’. Events have included dinner at Old Trafford, Manchester and a New Year Reception on Pall Mall.
  • Specalist Conferences. Policy-Focused events in 2011 include half-day events on economic competitiveness, local government reform and foreign and trade policy.
  • Private Dining Events. These are said to be 'intimate' events where important policy topics 'are discussed at greater length' but, consistent with its '"no access policy", no ministers are ever present.'[3]

CI states that peakers have included Theresa May, George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith, Dr Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, Oliver Letwin, Eric Pickles, David Willetts, John Redwood, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Lord Forsyth and Martin Callanan MEP.[3]

The website also notes that 'members are encouraged to suggest topics for future events.' [3]



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