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Vicky Richardson was appointed Director, Architecture, Design, Fashion for the British Council in 2010.[1]. She is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network, having written forLiving Marxism[2] and LM,[3] Spiked,[4] spoken for the Battle of Ideas,[5] the Manifesto Club[6] and the Future Cities Project[7] and participated in Debating Matters [8] One of her books, In Defence of the Dome, was written with James Woudhuysen and Penny Lewis (and published by the Adam Smith Institute) and, in 2013, the magazine she edits, Blueprint, publicized the Battle of Ideas. She studied fine art at Central St Martins and Chelsea School of Art and Design and gained a BA in architecture at the University of Westminster.


  • New Vernacular Architecture (Laurence King, 2002)
  • In Defence of the Dome (ASI, 1999).



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