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Tessa Mayes (born 13/09/1965) is a journalist, author and filmmaker and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. She has written for Living Marxism, Culture Wars and Spiked,[1] been a director of the London International Research Exchange[2] and contributed to the Battle of Ideas.[3]

Restraint of Revelation, published by Spiked in 2002 and written by Tessa Mayes of the LM network
John Fitzpatrick addresses the Battle of Ideas in 2008. Fellow LM network associate Tessa Mayes in the background.
Tessa Mayes book as advertised on the online LM bookshop


Tessa Mayes Productions Limited (Company Number: 06227454) Director, appointed: 26/04/2007. Mayes gave her occupation as 'Journalist, landlord, media'.[4] | Rising East |


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