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Peter Martin is a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the Universty of Manchester and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network, through writing for LM[1] and being a shareholder of Spiked Ltd. [2] Martin was also the Principal Investigator on the EPSRC 'Ideas in the Pipeline' projects which ran Engaging cogs and was based at the same address as Spiked and the Institute of Ideas.[3] Peter Martin has also spoken at the Institute of Ideas Battle of Ideas[4]. Engaging Cogs was a partner of the 2007 Battle of Ideas.

Engaging Cogs was launched in 2006 as an EPSRC funded engineering engagement project.[5] The project finished in 2007. [6] Its director was LM associate Timandra Harkness [7] It was launched to promote debate regarding engineering and its place in society.



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