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The Litigious Society is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. It campaigned against what it saw as a 'compensation culture'. It is now defunct.

In 1999, Global Futures 'launched the Litigious Society Project, which resulted in the first estimation of the cost of litigation to the British economy.'[1] Such an estimate was also contained in Frank Furedi's report published by the conservative Centre for Policy Studies, which suggests that this report may have been linked with the Litigious Society Project. Furedi notes in the acknowledgements that 'I am particularly grateful to Tracey C. Brown, co-ordinator of the Litigious Society Project for sharing so much of her knowledge of the subject.[2] Furedi also notes that another LM network associate Bruno Waterfield was the researcher on the CPS pamphlet and that 'support towards research for this study was given by the Institute for Policy Research'[2] a conservative foundation that channels funding to market fundamentalist think tanks such as the CPS, Open Europe, Politeia and the European Policy Forum



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