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Generation Youth Issues is an independent research and development charity based in Prestwick, Scotland. It was founded in 1996. However, it appears to have had no significant income since that time. [1] Records at the Scottish Charity Regulator show that GYI declared income of £9,500 in 2011 but no other income or expenditure in the years 2008 to 2011 inclusive. As of 2013 it appears to be defunct as its website is no longer active.

Screengrab from the website of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, showing the income and expenditure of Generation Youth Issues 2008-2011. Screengrab of Extract from the Scottish Charity Register: Generation Youth Issues, SC033756 Registered charity from 16-10-2002 taken 8 September 2013.

Work is focused around children and young people's peer relations and how they connect with adults in their communities. It has some association with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. Its directors are Jennifer Cunningham, Simon Knight, Stuart Waiton and James Weatherston. Its website cites LM associates Frank Furedi, Michael Fitzpatrick, Helene Guldberg, Dennis Hayes, Tiffany Jenkins, Ellie Lee, Ken Mclaughlin and Kate Abley (Moorcock). The website links to LM entities Debating Matters and the Manifesto Club and references the Battle of Ideas, Culture Wars and Spiked.


Generation Youth Issues (office registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator)
27a St Ninian's Road
Address circa 2007:35 Melville Street
G41 2JL[2]
Internet Archive holdings (initial URL):
Internet Archive holdings:
Facebook: Generation Youth Issues


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