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Tom Ogg (born 22 December 1984) is a pupil barrister. He is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network in that he is a governor of East London Science School (appointed 16/10/2012)[1][2], has spoken at the Battle of Ideas [3], and an Institute of Ideas Education Forum [4], is a signatory in support of Academics For Academic Freedom [5] and is an alumni of Debating Matters [6].

Ogg attended the Graveney School and represented it in the Debating Matters competition in 2002.

Tom Ogg has a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Christi College, University of Oxford; and an MSc sociology, Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Ogg then worked for the conservative think tank Civitas.[6]

According to Ogg:

Meeting people through DM was an important stepping stone for me into serious politics and issue-based campaigning. It was also the inspiration for a debating society that I set up at Oxford - known as ‘the Hive’ - which ran on the DM spirit of critical engagement with ideas. I rather objected to the grandstanding ways at the Oxford Union, you see. Through the Hive, I met a whole other lot of people who shaped my ideas, and became very useful future contacts (they are now journalists, academics, politicians and so on) - and none of that would have happened in quite the same way were it not for my experiences with DM and then the Hive. I worked with some of those people in a campaign to protect medical research using animal experimentation at Oxford University, which was called ‘Pro-Test’.
Doing DM was also important from a career and networking perspective, because through the competition, and one of the Institute of Ideas’ conferences, I met someone who ultimately gave me my first job at Civitas, working on the London Boxing Academy Community Project.[6]



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