Preparing for Power 1989

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Front cover of Preparing for Power, published by the Revolutionary Communist Party in 1989.
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Preparing for Power was published by the Revolutionary Communist Party. It was used to highlight a week of 'discussion and debate about the current state of the world and how to change it.' The event ran from 21 - 28 July 1989 and was held at the University of London.[1] The full document can be viewed on Scribd.

Speakers / Schedule

  • Friday 21 July
Registration. A choice of sessions starting at 8pm including 'An absolute beginner's guide to the RCP'.
  • Saturday 22 July
Morning: Opening plenary 10.30am. 1789-1989: Hard-learned lessons for today.
Afternoon: Various workshops and debates on key issues of British and international politics:
Designer Capitalism
Agenda for women's liberation
Britain's Secret State
Freedom and the individual
The Greening of British politics
Workers and their unions
Peace breaks out? Angola, Afghanistan, Kampuchea
Is fascism a threat?
Ireland: 20 years of resistance
What is a revolution?
Ten years of Thatcherism
The Bush presidency
1992 made simple
Armenia erupts
What about the British left?
Inside South Africa
  • Sunday 23 July - Thursday 27 July
Morning: Specialist courses running from Sunday to Thursday:
Frank Richards - Introduction to Marxism
Mike Freeman - Social movement and class politics
John Gibson - Marxism and the environment
Daniel Nassim - Imperialism in the nineties
Joan Phillips - New thinking and Marxism
Alan Harding - The French Revolution and its legacy
Tony Kennedy - The making of Marx's Capital
Charles Longford - The Irish War for non-beginners
Afternoon: Specialist courses running from Sunday to Thursday:
Anne Burton - Women's oppression and liberation
Phil Murphy - An introduction to the Irish War
Kenan Malik - The roots of racism
John Fitzpatrick - Marxism and culture
Helen Simons - Issues in contemporary capitalism
Rob Knight - The Soviet Union in the glasnost era
Mick Hume - Strategic problems of the British revolution
Christina Braun and Sabena Norton - Germany today


  1. Revolutionary Communist Party Preparing for Power, Summer 1989