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ME-WE was linked to the libertarian, anti-environmental LM network. It was described as an "educational and global awareness consultancy specialising in tailor made tours". Its directors were Ceri Dingle and Viv Regan.[1][2] The consultancy began in 2003 and the website was live till at least 2005. [3] Its role appears to have been absorbed by the similar London tours service offered by WORLDwrite [4], also run by Ceri Dingle and Viv Regan and operating from the same address.

Website content

London - the Global Learning Lab
ME-WE is an educational and global awareness consultancy specialising in tailor made tours. These involve using the London experience as a live laboratory to examine contemporary issues in their historical context.
ME-WE is currently offering two short exploratory tours providing people with the opportunity to investigate multiculturalism, race, immigration and urban development in the East End and the legacy of British Imperialism at the Imperial War Museum. There will be two more alternative sightseeing tours available from July 2003. One will investigate economic development and global trade in Brixton, the other will investigate sustainable development and the GM debate whilst visiting Borough Market. Each tour on a lighter note, also takes in numerous facts and facets of life along the way.
Tours can take one to three hours and are led by highly qualified specialist facilitators and are available for groups of up to 20 people at a time. Participants are provided with an introduction to contemporary debates and an interactive commentary whilst exploring subject areas on foot. These tours provide a comparative cultural understanding, a global perspective and a critical approach to current affairs. Their content is pertinent for everyone interested in International Relations, Development Studies, Media, Politics, English, Urban Studies, History, Cultural Studies, Economics, Geography and Philosophy. Tours can be tailored to meet specific curriculum requirements and personal interests.
ME-WE provide questions for further discussions, background information and follow up seminars if required.
ME-WE consultants have worked with groups from around the world, including visiting students (graduate and post graduate) from the USA, Ghana, Uganda, Japan, France, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Ireland and the UK. Facilitators Viv Regan and Ceri Dingle have 15 years experience in developing itinerary based learning opportunities and exchange programmes. Participating groups have included the British Red Cross, University of Delaware, IYEP Ghana, University of Iowa, Juntos-Brazil, Hackney College and the Daneford Trust.
Tours cost are as follows:
1 hour tour is £150
2 hour tour is £200
3 hour tour is £300
Please note each tour is for a maximum group of 20 people and includes facilitator's fees and handouts.
Tours need to booked at least two weeks in advance to ensure specific requirements such as learning needs and interests are catered for.
For further information and to book a tour please contact Ceri Dingle or Viv Regan at the address below.

ME-WE - Millfields Lodge, Millfields Road, London E5 0AR
tel: +44 (0) 78 6680 6918/ +44 (0) 79 3944 9604 - email:

It may or not be related to the current MeWe[5], established in London in 2001 and providing education and awareness of African and Afro-Caribbean culture. If so, there appears to be no remaining relationship.


Website (archived): ME-WE


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