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The Bruges Group is a think-tank established in February 1989 that supported Brexit in the 2016 EU referendum. Its founder president was Margaret Thatcher.

It has stated that its aim is to 'bring together those from across Europe and North America' who oppose a federalist EU,'so that Baroness Thatcher's vision of a free trading, decentralised, deregulated and democratic Europe of nation-states' can be realised (text no longer on its website).

Support for Brexit

The Bruges Group supports Brexit.

It says it is 'spearheading the intellectual battle against European integration, EU federalism, centralisation and enlargement', as well as 'promoting the positive alternatives to membership of the EU and the need to restore British sovereignty and democracy.'

It has also long supported 'fundamental reform'of the Common Agricultural Policy, the Common Fisheries Policy, European Court and European Parliament, arguing that there has been no popular agreement to the huge transfer of power, which has already taken place from the people of Britain to Brussels.[1]


The Bruges Group does not publish its funders.

Funding has come from businessmen, including James Hanson, Lord White, James Goldsmith, Rocco Forte and Patrick Barbour.[2]



Key people listed on Bruges Group website, Nov 2017:


Margaret Thatcher Hon. President Norman Lamont Vice-President Brian Hindley Co-Chairman
Barry Legg Co-Chairman Robert Oulds Director Helen Szamuely Head of Research
John O'Sullivan Washington D.C. Representative    
Former Chairman
Kenneth Minogue Lord Harris of High Cross Martin Holmes
Academic Advisory Council
Tim Congdon Kenneth Minogue Christie Davies
Norman Stone Richard Howarth Patrick Minford
Ruth Lea Anew Roberts Martin HoweQC
Lord Harris of High Cross John O'Sullivan  
Sponsors and Patrons
E P Gardner Dryden Gilling-Smith Lord Kalms
David Caldow Anew Cook Lord Howard
Brian Kingham Lord Pearson of Rannoch Eddie Addison
Ian Butler Thomas Griffin Lord Young of Graffham
Michael Fisher Oliver Marriott Rocco Forte
Graham Hale W J Edwards Michael Freeman
Richard E.L. Smith
Martin Ball Tim Congdon Christie Davies
Graham Eardley Margit Gennser Roger Helmer MEP
Brian Hindley Martin Holmes Damon Lambert
Norman Lamont Sally McNamara Patrick Minford
Kenneth Minogue Richard North Robert Oulds
Leolin Price Lee Rotherham Helen Szamuely
Gawain Towler Marcus Watney  


Address: 246 Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB
TEL: +44 (0)20 7287 4414


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