Michael Howard (UK Politician)

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Michael Howard
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Michael Howard (Lord Howard of Lympne) is a Conservative member of the House of Lords, was an MP for 27 years and is the former leader of the Conservative Party.


Howard is chairman of Soma Oil & Gas, a London-based company looking for oil in Somalia. In 2014, ahead of an exploration, he contacted UK officials about security issues as there is a United Nations arms embargo that prohibits bringing guns into Somalia waters and the company providing the exploration boats demanded armed security. The company were given permission to carry arms without violating the embargo, a decision which conflicting with U.N.'s position. Some eventually found a loophole in the embargo and hired Somalis to carry weapons on the boat.[1]

After an investigation by the Wall Street Journal into members of the House of Lords' interests, Lord Howard removed the entry relating to Canaccord Genuity.[1]



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