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From the Bruges Group biographies:

Professor Kenneth R. Minogue is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics, and is currently Senior Research Fellow with the Social Affairs Unit in London. Professor Minogue has involved himself in the wider world. He has been a regular columnist for The Times and The Times Higher Education Supplement and reviews in both intellectual and academic journals. A frequent commentator for radio and television on European Community issues' he was Chairman of the Bruges Group 1991-1993; he remains a member of the Group's Academic Advisory Council and is a director of the Centre for Policy Studies. Professor Minogue is currently writing a book on Democracy and the Moral Life.

The 'Gould Report'

Minogue was a member of the study group behind a report published in 1977 by the intelligence connected Institute for the Study of Conflict alleging a Marxist penetration into British academia. [1] Considering the ideological orientation of the study group, The Observer commented that: ‘The study group seems to believe with Professor Hayek and his disciple, Sir Keith Joseph, that true liberty is possible only in a capitalist, free market civilisation.’ [2]

The Times reported the report’s findings that: ‘radical minorities...often disagreed with each other, but they had a common distaste, bordering at times upon sheer hatred for the liberal, tolerant society in which they moved.’ [3] The Times published extracts of the report, but also criticised it as having an ‘alarmist tone which goes beyond his evidence.’ [4]



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