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Amber Rudd

Amber Rudd has been the British Conservative Party MP for Hastings and Rye since the 2010 general election[1]

Rudd was appointed secretary of state at the Home Office on 14 July 2016 by incoming prime minister Theresa May. [2]

She was appointed energy and climate change secretary by David Cameron after the May 2015 general election.[3]

Political career

In October 2013 Rudd was appointed assistant whip to the HM Treasury.[4]

In the July 2014 cabinet reshuffle she was appointed parliamentary under secretary of state for climate change at the Department of Energy and Climate Change in July 2014 [5] inheriting the same portfolio as had been held by Greg Barker as minister of state.[3]

Rudd's move from the Treasury and role as an ally of George Osborne was viewed as a sign that the Treasury was seeking to tighten its grip on green energy spending. Rudd's new responsibilities include the embattled Green Deal and other energy efficiency schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation, which is in the process of being overhauled. [6]

She is the sister Roland Rudd, founder of PR firm Finsbury PR and the treasurer of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign in the UK's membership referendum of 2016. The 'In campaign' was also firmly backed by Theresa May, the new Conservative prime minister. [7]


Rudd is a former venture capitalist, and is the sister of Roland Rudd, founder of PR agency RLM Finsbury, and ex-wife of A.A. Gill, the writer and restaurant critic. [6]

Failure to declare family links to lobbying

Under new rules since 2015, MPs must disclose all family members engaged in lobbying the public sector, however Rudd initially failed to mention her brother Roland Rudd of RLM Finsbury.

Tamasin Cave, of Spinwatch and the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, said:

'By breaking the rules, Amber Rudd gives the impression she'd rather we didn't know about her brother's lobbying business, or his many clients in the energy business.'

A source close to Rudd acknowledged that a mistake had been made and that this 'oversight' would be corrected.[8]

Special advisers




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