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Alex Cameron is a designer and an associate of the Libertarian and anti-environmental LM network. He worked for RCP publishing house Junius Publications (1993-1996) and then for Living Marxism (1996-2000), writing articles for[1] and helping to edit one to the last editions of LM magazine (issue 129, April 2000),[2] was one of three LM associates who ran the think tank Design Agenda, designed graphics for the launch of Audacity in 2000/2001,[3] was art director for Novo magazine, worked for LM associated company cScape (2000-2003), designed for the Transport Research Group (2003) [4]

Cameron has commented on his time at Living Marxism:

In the 1990s the first magazine I designed, Living Marxism, was criticised for looking ‘too commercial’ and ‘middle class’. The idea being that left-wing politics should be ‘packaged’ to look like it was from the poor and struggling. Of course, this was nonsense then just as it is now. Implicit in this attitude is the problem of style over substance, the reversal of the priorities of the graphic designer. The idea that ‘left-wing’ or ‘anti-establishment’ publications should look cheap or even hand-made today only exposes this further.[5]

Employment history

  • April 2007 – present: Senior Designer & Art Director, Wexas (inc. Traveller magazine)
  • October 2004 – March 2007: Art Director, de-sign (creative co-operative)
  • June 2003 – October 2004: Art Director / Studio Manager, YMCA
  • May 2000 – May 2003: Director / Studio Manager, cScape
  • 1996 – 2000: Freelance Art Director, Living Marxism magazine, Community Practitioner
  • 1993 – 1996: Designer / Studio Manager, Junius Publications[6]


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