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The 'Ground Zero Mosque' controversy was sparked by right-wing blogger and pro Israel activist Pamela Geller[1] about the Park51 (originally named Cordoba House) initiative to build a Muslim community center in Manhattan, New York. The campaign is funded mainly by Joyce Chernick, a WINEP trustee.[2] Construction of the centre, which will include a swimming pool, gym, theatre, sports and prayer facilities, was approved by a New York City community board by a vote 29-1 in favour with 10 abstentions.[3] <youtube align="right" size="tiny" caption="NRTPac Ad: 'Kill the Ground Zero Mosque'">mjGJPPRD3u0</youtube><youtube align="right" size="tiny" caption="Olbermann: There is no ‘Ground Zero Mosque'">QZpT2Muxoo0</youtube><youtube align="right" size="tiny" caption="Center for Security Policy's television ad against the Park51">nkMolLriAkQ</youtube>

Origins of controversy

The campaign against Park51, which has been deliberately mislabelled the 'Ground Zero Mosque', was started by far-right Zionist activist Pamela Geller.[4] It has since been joined by some members of the families of 9/11 victims, a campaign has been waged mainly by the right wing Tea Party movement and Israel lobby-affiliated neoconservative groups to inflame passions in a series of ads, articles and public pronouncements. In the latest episode, former Republican governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has asked 'peace-seeking' Muslims to 'refudiate'[sic] the mosque. As of 21 July 2010, the campaign's Facebook page (which is promoted by the English Defence League) has over 51,000 members. In late July 2010 the Anti-Defamation League drew sharp condemnation after it endorsed the campaign's demands.[5][6][7][8] ADL's action prompted influential columnist Fareed Zakaria to return an award and the $10,000 honorarium he received from the organization in 2005.[9] Despite intense lobby pressure, Barack Obama has supported the project.[10]

Following the hysteria successfully sparked by the rightwing campaign, public opinion has strongly turned against the mosque, and politicians of even liberal persuasion have started backtracking, expressing scepticism, or outright opposing the project. Barack Obama backtracked from his endorsement the very next day, and the project has been opposed by the likes of Harry Reid, Howard Dean and David Paterson.[11]

The art of incitement

According to journalist Chris McGreal:

SIOA is behind a series of advertisements opposing the "Ground Zero Mega Mosque", as Geller calls it, which appeared on the sides of New York buses this week picturing a plane flying into one of the World Trade Centre towers and a mosque divided by the question: Why Here?
Geller's answer is that the planned centre is viewed by Muslims as a "triumphal" monument built on "conquered land".
As extreme as that may seem, Geller and her views have been embraced by leading politicians such as Newt Gingrich, the former Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives, and John Bolton, the conservative former US ambassador to the UN, who are scheduled to speak at a rally against the controversial New York Islamic centre organised by Geller for September 11.
Gingrich this week likened the planned centre to putting Nazi signs outside the Holocaust museum.[12]

Response to Park51's LMDC grant application

On November 22, 2010 Park51 announced on its blog that it was applying for a Lower Manhattan Development Corporation grant "which would in part fund social service programs for all the residents of Lower Manhattan such as domestic violence prevention, Arabic and other foreign language classes, programs and services for homeless veterans, two multi-cultural art exhibits and immigration services."[13] The media monitoring non-profit Media Matters for America called the reaction the announcement received from right-wing blogs "predictable" and based on "Islamophobia."[14]

The culprit behind the 'Ground Zero Mosque' Pamela Geller wrote: "Imagine the gall of these Islamic supremacists. The very idea that the infidels should finance the second wave of 911 attacks on the American people again exhibits the contempt Rauf and his gang have for the filthy kuffar."[15]

Key opponents


Media Coverage


According to a Politico investigation Robert Spencer's operations are funded mainly by Joyce Chernick, a WINEP trustee. She also led the effort to raise $3.5 million in venture capital to start Pajamas Media, a far right pro-Israel blog network which has kept up a steady stream of anti-mosque postings.[46]


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