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<youtube size="medium" align="right" caption="Reza Aslan accuses M. Zuhdi Jasser of Islamophobia for making false claims about the funding of a new Islamic Centre in Manhattan">JOp4O9FwzRw</youtube>M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Syrian-American, runs the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a right-wing one-man-show he founded in 2003. He is also 'one of the founding members' of Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP), an organisation set up by Daniel Pipes.[1] [2] The group also has Pipes' endorsement.[3] In a debate on CNN, he was accused of Islamophobia by Islam scholar Reza Aslan for making accusations about the funding of a new Islamic centre in New York. He is a backer of far-right pro-Israel Republican Joshua Scharf;[4] and he was also an active player in the Islamophobic 'Ground Zero Mosque' campaign.

In June 2015, Jasser spoke on Fox in support of a methodologically dubious poll of Muslim-Americans carried out by the Center for Security Policy.[5]





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