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Defeat Jihad Summit 2015, Screengrab from

The Defeat Jihad Summit was an invitation-only one day event co-sponsored and hosted by Frank Gaffney of the US-based Center for Security Policy (CSP) to coincide with President Obama’s summit on violent extremism in February 2015. [1] It was live-streamed on and CSP's website. [2]


<youtube size="small" align="right" caption="Republican presidential primary candidate Ted Cruz speaking at the Defeat Jihad Summit, February 2015">mkVwDSoSyNM</youtube>
According to the RightWeb website, US participants and speakers included 'a who’s who of far-right activists' such as Rick Joyner, Jerry Boykin, Diana West, Andy McCarthy and Clare Lopez among others.

Joining them were a number of prominent Republican politicians, including Sen. Ted Cruz and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who submitted a speech by video. Also speaking at the summit were Republican Reps. Steve King, Mike Pompeo and Scott Perry, who used the opportunity to accuse Obama of siding with 'the enemy of freedom' in the Mideast.

Other guests, according to Imagine2050 were due to include:




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