The Corporate Capture of the NHS

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'The battle is on for the future of the NHS. Apparently. Ed Miliband came out hard, declaring he will "put patients before profits and stop the privatisation". David Cameron’s camp countered with a commitment to fully fund the next wave of NHS reforms.

'Like pro-wrestling, it’s a good show, but a phoney fight.

'How can you tell? Just look at the players sitting round this table.'[1]

The corporate capture of the NHS

Companies, organizations and individuals mentioned in the picture


UnitedHealth | AbbVie | KPMG | BUPA | BT | GE Healthcare | PwC | Bridgepoint Capital | Alliance Medical | Care UK | Tunstall Ansel | Circle Holdings | Sodexo | GE Healthcare | McKinsey & Company | Health and Social Care Information Centre | Tribal | Capita | Monitor | Dr Foster Intelligence

Corporate personnel

Tony Sampson | Mark Britnell | Gary Belfield | Ian Dalton | Paul Zollinger-Read | Kingsley Manning | David Bennett | Tim Kelsey | Bev Bryant | Simon Stevens | Jim Easton

PR and lobbying firms

Hanover Communications | FTI Consulting | APCO Worldwide

PR and lobbying personnel

Andrew Harrison | Josh Arnold-Foster

Government and ex-government

Alan Milburn | John Reid | Stephen Dorrell | Patricia Hewitt | Ara Darzi | John Hutton

Governmental bodies

Department of Health | House of Commons Select Committee on Health



  1. Tamasin Cave The privatising cabal at the heart of our NHS Spinwatch, 1 April 2015, accessed 9 April 2015.