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Sri Lankan born founder and owner of telecoms company Lycamobile.

Conservative Party donor - his company Lycamobile has donated more than £1.3 million since 2010 including over £500,000 in 2015 alone, 'despite avoiding paying any corporation tax for years by moving revenue out of the UK through a complex offshore corporate network'. [1]

Attended 2015 Conservative Party Black and White Ball election fundraiser

In February 2015 Subaskaran Allirajah attended the Conservative Party's annual 'Black and White Ball' election fundraiser at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. The event was attended by almost the entire Cabinet (except for Boris Johnson and George Osborne who were at the G20), and by party donors including; hedge fund boss Stanley Fink (Lord Fink), who wants Britain to rival offshore tax havens with an equally generous tax regime; jewellery tycoon Ranbir Singh Suri and lap dancing club owner Peter Stringfellow.[2]

One Tory donor told the Guardian he had been told if he bought a 'premium table at the event for £15,000 he would expect the company of a cabinet minister' and if 'he paid £5,000 for a standard table, he would expect a junior minister'.

To raise additional money at the event, the Party sold one off prizes. These included, a 10km Iron Man run with Iain Duncan Smith, dinner at home with Michael Gove and his wife, shoe shopping with Theresa May, a meal at the Carlton Club with Sajid Javid and a session of jogging with Nicky Morgan.[3][4]

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