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Sir Douglas Hague was a senior figure with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), and acted as adviser to Margaret Thatcher in the 1981 Policy Unit with Cecil Parkinson, Norman Lamont, Alan Walters and Nigel Lawson. This group provided the basis for Conservative strategy until 1989. [1]

Hague was also Associate Fellow at Templeton College, where, in 1995 the Labour team were sent 'to learn about leadership'. (Private Eye 884) Templeton's faculty includes Mike Harper of the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, formerly Director of the US Army's Strategic Planning Group. [2]

He wrote Taking Tax out of Politics with Geoff Mulgan, which advocated widening the tax base and lowering rates. He spoke with Arthur Seldon at the Adam Smith Institute's (ASI) 'Open Society', and alongside Patricia Hewitt and Derek Draper at a 'Next Generation Group' (BAP) recruitment meeting in the House of Commons. Hague has long been a conference rapporteur of the International Economic Association which organises Anglo-American conferences at Ditchley Park. [3]


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