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Address: Park Leopold, Rue Wiertz 50/28 B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

Web address:


In August 2002, the American Council for Capital Formation registered the website, and set up its international affiliate, the International Council for Capital Formation. The web-site went live in December 2002. The ICCF now calls itself 'a unique European think tank in its focus on public policies to promote saving and investment in the private sector. Reducing tax, regulatory, anti-trust, and trade barriers will promote business investment strong job growth and enhance countries' competitiveness' . The ICCF is based in Brussels with Thorning as its managing director. Thorning is also registered as a lobbyist at the European Parliament for the ICCF .

Early versions of the ICCF's web-site gave both a Brussels address as well as the ACCF's Washington address, but the Washington address was later removed, maybe to try and give an air of independence to the ICCF. Although the ICCF says its remit is to focus on broad public policy, it seems to be nothing more than a vehicle to attack Kyoto and hype the costs of cutting carbon dioxide emissions. As of January 2004 every article on the website was climate related . There are only the links on its website to the right wing think tank the Institute of Public Affairs in Australia; the Stockholm Network of European 'market-oriented' think-tanks and to Tech Central The later is sponsored by Exxon and hosted by James Glassman from the AEI (see below) and co-hosted by climate sceptic Sallie Baliunas.

Board of Directors

The ICCF's Board of Advisors

  • Professor Tim Congdon -Research Professor of Economics, Cardiff Business School, Chief Economist of Lombard Street Research. Congdon is linked into the 'ideological right' in the UK. He is a member of the Institute of Economic Affairs Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, a columnist for the Bruges group whose honorary president is Margaret Thatcher. Also the Advisory Council of the think tank Politeia, along with prominent members of the Conservative Party such as Oliver Letwin MP, Francis Maude and David Willetts MP.
  • Mr. Adrian Ham - former Chief Executive, British Nuclear Industry Forum and on the advisory board of the nuclear industry 'associated' NICAB ;
  • Dr. Peter Haug - Secretary General, Foratom, the trade association of the European nuclear industry;
  • Dr. Richard W. Rahn - Ex-Economic advisor to Bush senior, Chairman, Institute for Global Economic Growth and an adjunct fellow at the Cato Institute (also Board of ACCF) ;
  • Professor Barry A.K. Rider - Director, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London .