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Sir Ralph Robins (16 June 1932) is a former CEO of Rolls Royce and a current director of Hakluyt's international advisory board The Holdingham Group Advisory Board.


Robins joined Rolls Royce as a graduate apprentice in 1955[1], working on the development of civil aero engines. During his career at Rolls Royce, he was executive vice president of the company's American operations, managing director of its Industrial and Marine Division and Commercial Director of the company. He held positions as CEO and Chairman and served 20 years on the board before retiring in 2003.[2]

He is a former Chairman of the Defence Industries Council and former President of the Society of British Aerospace Companies.[2]

Since 21 October 2002, he has been a director of The Holdingham Group Advisory Board.


  • Attended Imperial College London.[2]


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