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The International Center for Western Values (ICWV) describes its own mission as 'exposing and fighting antidemocratic ideologies'.[1] It is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,[2] and appears to promote the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim ideas of two of its key figures, Bat Ye'or and Hans Jansen.


The ICWV describes itself as 'an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization' dedicated to:

  • Studying, exposing, and fighting antidemocratic tendencies and ideologies in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Improving the public debate about Israel by presenting facts and correcting misinformation.
  • Fighting antisemitism and the defamation of the Jewish people and the Jewish state in Europe and elsewhere.[1]

Its website states that the organisation 'is primarily concerned with developments within Western societies,' but has 'partners, correspondents, and collaborators' based 'all over Europe, in the US, and in Israel'. It claims to 'initiate' and 'co-create' books which are 'distributed globally' but in terms of 'organizing conferences, oral presentations, and lectures' states that 'our operations are confined to mainland Europe and the UK'.[2]

ICWV produces videos for Youtube[3] and its website cross-posts articles from pro-Israel and anti-Muslim websites such as Arutz Sheva, The Gatestone Institute and the Times of Israel.


ICWV states it has and will organise 'debates' on topics such as 'the place of Islam in Western societies' and 'the rising demonization of Israel'.

  • First ICWV debate: 13 October 2013, Amsterdam[3] - debate on the future of Islam in the West'[4]
  • Second ICWV debate: 1 December 2014, Amsterdam[3] - 'Zionism, IS, and Hamas, spot the differences'[4]



'International Board of Advisers'

Bat Ye'or | Hans Jansen[5]

'Our Team and Partners'

Hans Jansen | Bat Ye'or | Manfred Gerstenfeld | Joost Niemöller[6]

'Friends of ICWV'

Thierry Baudet | Ruthie Blum | Frits Bolkestein | John Bolton | Diederik Boomsma | Andrew G. Bostom | Paul Cliteur | Awi Cohen | Leon de Winter | Alfred Edelstein | Fjordman | Pamela Geller | David Goldman | Mark S. Golub | Ayaan Hirsi Ali | Theodor Holman | Hans Jansen | Nico Kamp | Mordechai Kedar | Isi Leibler | Zvi Mazel | Joost Niemöller | John Podhoretz | Chris Rutenfrans | Sam van Rooy | Wim van Rooy | Nahed Selim | Robert Spencer | Kees van der Staaij | Annelies van der Veer | Bat Ye'or | Efraim Zuroff[1]


The ICWV accepts donations via PayPal, cheque or directly into its bank account. Its donation page is accompanied by the message:

'Our commitment to Europe's Judeo-Christian heritage, and our unwavering support for the State of Israel, complicates our fundraising efforts on a highly secularized European continent that denies its spiritual roots and increasingly questions Israel's right to exist.'[1]

Tax deductible donations

ICWV is a non-profit organization ('stichting') under Dutch law, (Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce #56660995, full name: 'International Center for Western Values Stichting').[2] It has been granted 'ANBI status' in the Netherlands, the Dutch equivalent of being a 501 (c) 3 organization in the US, meaning donations to ICWV are often tax deductible but only when made under the Dutch tax code.[7]


  • Bat Ye'or, 'Understanding Dhimmitude', RVP Press, June 2013.
  • Johannes JG Jansen, The Neglected Duty: The Creed of Sadat's Assassins, RVP Press, New York, April 2013. 'Supported' by ICWV which described it as a 'new edition of a groundbreaking study [first published in 1986] on the ideological roots of the Muslim Brotherhood'.
  • Manfred Gerstenfeld, Demonizing Israel and the Jews, RVP Press, May 2013. Release 'supported by ICWV and the Simon Wiesenthal Center'.
  • Manfred Gerstenfeld, Israel's New Future, Revisited, RVP Press, September 2013. Release 'supported by ICWV'.
  • David Littman, Operation Mural, 'Release scheduled for early 2015'.[8]
  • List of ICWV videos.[2]



Address: International Center for Western Values, P.O. Box 5, 1000 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands[9]
Director: René van Praag[2]


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