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Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld is former Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, where he founded and directed the Center's Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism program.[1]


In an interview with the website ‘’, Gerstenfield stated that 'by far the worst of the huge hate-mongering against Israel comes out of large parts of the Muslim-controlled world. This hatred has no limits in its sickness.'[2] In the same interview he also claimed that the BDS movement as a sensor of what is rotten in the university world.[2]


Dr. Gerstenfeld is the author of many books including Revaluing Italy; Environment and Confusion; Israel's New Future Interviews; The State as Business: Do It Yourself Political Forecasting; Judaism, Environmentalism and the Environment; and The Environment in the Jewish Tradition-A Sustainable World.[1]


  • Revaluing Italy with Lorenzo Necci (Italian) (1992)
  • Environment and Confusion: An Introduction to a Messy Subject (1993)
  • The State as a Business: Do-It-Yourself Political Forecasting (Italian) (1994)
  • Israel’s New Future Interviews (1994)
  • Judaism, Environmentalism and the Environment (1998)
  • The Environment in the Jewish Tradition: A Sustainable World (Hebrew) (2002)
  • Europe’s Crumbling Myths: The Post-Holocaust Origins of Today’s Anti-Semitism (Foreword by Emil L. Fackenheim) (2003)
  • The New Clothes of European Anti-Semitism (French)(2004), co-edited with Shmuel Trigano
  • American Jewry's Challenge: Conversations Confronting the Twenty-first Century(Foreword by Jonathan Sarna) (2004)
  • Israel and Europe: An Expanding Abyss? (2005)
  • European-Israeli Relations: Between Confusion and Change? (2006)
  • Israel at the Polls 2006 with Shmuel Sandler and Jonathan Rynhold (2008)
  • Academics against Israel and the Jews. (Foreword by Natan Sharansky) (2007)
  • Behind the Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic Countries, Israel, and the Jews (Foreword by Gert Weisskirchen)(2008)
  • The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: Distortions and Responses (Foreword by Abrham H. Foxman) (2009)
  • Anti-Semitism in Norway: Behind the Humanitarian Mask (Foreword by Finn Jarle Saele) (Norwegian) (2010)
  • American Jewry's Comfort Level: Present and Future with Steven Bayme (Foreword by David A. Harris) (2010)
  • Israel at the Polls 2009 with Shmuel Sandler and Hillel Frisch (2010)
  • Het Verval. Joden in een stuurloos Nederland (The Decay. Jews in a Rudderless Netherlands) (Dutch) (2010)
  • Judging the Netherlands:the Renewed Holocaust Restitution Process 1997-2000 (Foreword by Stuart E. EizenstatStuart E. Eizenstat) (2011)
  • Demonizing Israel and the Jews. (Foreword by Rabbi Marvin Hier) (2013)



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