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Geraldine Atfield is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network, through being a shareholder of Spiked Ltd. [1]

Geraldine Atfield (nee Geraldine Hetherington) is British and was born in 1964. She qualified as a solicitor in 1991. The first directorship we have on file for her was in 1999 at Hudson Global Resources Holdings Limited. Her newest directorship was with HW Daniels Bates Legal Limited where she held the position of "Recruitment consultant". The company was established 11 Dec 1985 .

She has been a board advisor to Ellwood Atfield since. She has spent 16 years in recruitment industry including: MD of legal and finance recruitment at HW Group, projects director of TMP Worldwide, HR director at Monster and TWP (sic) Worldwide, European HR director for Hudson Global Resources and COO for Hudson in the UK.


Profile: Geraldine Hetherington


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