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Private healthcare companies have built a dense and largely opaque network of political contacts in the UK with one aim – to influence policy in their interests and get the reforms they want.[1]

Web of private healthcare influence, March 2011

Companies, organizations and individuals mentioned in the map


Apax Partners | Bridgepoint Capital | Capita | Care UK | Cinven | Circle | General Healthcare Group | Kaiser Permanente | KPMG | Lilly | McKinsey | Pfizer | Spire Healthcare | Roche | Tribal | UnitedHealth

Corporate personnel

Gary Belfield | Mark Britnell | Peter Gershon | Christina Lineen | Tony Sampson | Simon Stevens | Matthew Swindells

Corporate lobby groups

International Federation of Health Plans

Think tanks

2020Health | Centre for Policy Studies | Doctors for Reform | Policy Exchange | Reform | King's Fund |

Think Tank personnel

Paul Charlson | Penny Dash | Julia Manning | John Nash | Tom Sackville | Nick Seddon

PR and lobbying firms

Quiller |

PR and lobbying personnel

Peter Gummer | George Bridges

Government and ex-government

David Bennett | Tony Blair | David Cameron | Patricia Hewitt | Andrew Lansley | Alan Milburn | Bill Morgan | Norman Warner |

Governmental bodies

Department of Health | Monitor

Political party organisations

Conservative Medical Society