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United States Committee for a Free Lebanon is part of what has been described as "the Lebanese Likud". Its President, Ziad Abdel Nour is the son of wealthy Lebanese Minister of Parliament Khalil Abdel Nour. According to Trish Schuh:

USCFL partners with designated "democratizers" such as the American Enterprise Institute (created by Lebanese-American William Baroody, Sr.), Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Republican Jewish Coalition, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Middle East Forum, the Hudson Institute and kindred pro-Israel lobbies.
The USCFL hails former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel for signing a peace deal with Israel in 1983...Abdel Nour's other links include the World Lebanese Organization, which advocates Israel's re-occupation of south Lebanon. In 2000, he and neocon Daniel Pipes composed the policy paper "Ending Syria's Occupation of Lebanon: the US Role" and together co-author the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin. The bulletin is a project of the neocon Middle East Forum and is a frequent resource for American intelligence agencies.[1]

Neocon Nexus

USCFB is essentially a neocon operation as it boasts the familiar cast of neocon luminaries in what it calls its "golden circle" of core activists and supporters:[1]

Elliot Abrams Douglas Feith Frank Gaffney David Wurmser
Jeane Kirkpatrick Michael Ledeen Habib Malik Richard Perle
Michael Rubin Daniel Pipes Eleana Benador Rachel Ehrenfeld
Joseph Farah Robert Guzzardi Steven Plaut David Steinmann
Salo Aizenberg Nadim Akda Joseph Boohaker Samir Bustany
Thomas Patrick Carroll John Castle David Chazen Angelo Codevilla
Alain Gabriel Courtines Chris Culp Paula Dobriansky Alan Dowt
Leon Edney Michael Eisenstadt Nabil El Hage Joseph Hakim
David Epperly Philip Epstein Joseph Fadoul Amir Ali Farman Farma
Gil Feiler Gary Gambill Roger Gerber Leonard Getz
Richard Greenfield George Haddad Richard Hellmann Irwin Hochberg
Matthew Levitt Daniel Lubetzky Bruce McFarlane Mark Michael
John Myhill Mordechai Nisan Muhammad Oueiny Joseph Puder
Scott Rosenblum Nina Rosenwald Charles Sahyoun Jim Saxton
Eric Silverman Jimmy Sleiman Don Starry Paul Michael Wihbey
Jonathan Usher Stanley Weiss James Tayoun  


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